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The Expedition That Shouldn’t Be Possible


It’s our great pleasure to announce that E3P are a named sponsor for the first successful attempt to row the North West Passage, a truly awe inspiring expedition! We’ve chosen to support this incredible feat of human endurance given that it’s aim is to highlight the impact of climate change and the melting of the […]


E3P’s Online Training Portal


Over the course of the last few months, fuelled by remote working due to Covid-19, E3P has been working hard on pulling together an online training portal hosted on Moodle Cloud. We have always put staff training at the forefront of our list of priorities, running copious internal seminars on various subjects and investing hugely […]


The Royal Town Planning Institute on Biodiversity


The Royal Town Planning Institute has recently published advice for planners in association with the Partnership for Biodiversity in Planning, responding to the decline in biodiversity within the UK. The advice outlines obligations and opportunities to promote biodiversity through the UK planning system with multiple examples of its implementation detailed throughout. Going forwards, the emphasis […]