Biodiversity Net Gain Timetable


Last Wednesday marked the introduction of the governments next steps regarding ‘nature positive’ developments. The updated timetable has delayed the implementation of the mandatory 10% Biodiversity Net Gain from November 2023 to January 2024 for new housing and industrial or commercial developments. There has been no delay however, in Biodiversity Net Gain for small sites, applicable from April 2024 and Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects, due to be introduced in 2025. Trudy Harrison, the biodiversity minister has stated that the updated timetable and guidance ‘will help smooth the transition ahead of Biodiversity Net Gain going fully live.’

There has already been a substantial rise in the number of local planning authorities who have realized the importance of incorporating Biodiversity Net Gain into their plans and introduced a mandatory 10% Biodiversity Net Gain on sites. Some councils have opted to improve upon the government’s guidelines, with fourteen councils having introduced a BNG of 20% on some or all projects.

By the end of November, all guidance and regulations regarding Biodiversity Net Gain are due to be published, which includes the statutory metric to calculate the correct biodiversity gain, a package of guidance setting out further advice around roles and responsibilities in delivering Biodiversity Net Gain, as well as plan templates for biodiversity gain and the long-term habitat management and monitoring.

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