The E3P arboriculture team work closely with our ecologists and geotechnical engineers to ensure a tree survey meets all legislative and engineering design parameters. Tree surveys are a key consideration in any land transaction and future development, their value to the natural environment, legislative requirement for retention through Tree Preservation orders, and planning restrictions, are a key consideration.

Trees also have a significant influence on geotechnical conditions which results in economic implications for structural and infrastructure design for new development. Therefore a highly detailed and accurate tree survey has the potential to promote value engineering solutions resulting in significant cost saving.

A high quality tree survey and constraints plan will identify individual tree species while seeking to limit the number of large groupings which create ambiguity in future assessment and result in unnecessary over engineering of a development to mitigate perceived risk.

The E3P arboriculture team offer the following tree survey services:

  • Stage 1 - Tree Survey & Constraints Plan (BS 5837);
  • Stage 2 - Impact Assessment, Method Statement & Tree Protection Plan;
  • Stage 3 - Supervision & site monitoring.

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