What is a BREEAM Assessment

BREEAM Assessment


BREEAM assessment are undertaken by a suitably qualified acoustic consultant and consider both building and environmental acoustics but are typically related to Hea05 ‘Acoustic Performance’ and Pol05 ‘Reduction fo Noise Pollution. BREEAM operates through awarding credits for the environmental performance of a building, whether it be a new build or refurbishment, with more sustainable or environmentally sound performance earning more credits.

What is included in a BREEAM assessment?

The specific content of a BREEAM Noise Assessment depends on the proposed usage, and location of the new development. The HEA 05 section of a BREEAM noise survey concerns the acoustic performance of the proposed building or acoustic aspects of a proposed refurb. This section of guidance aims to ‘ensure the building’s acoustic performance, including sound insulation meets the appropriate standards for its purpose’. Examples of areas of acoustic performance that are considered within HEA05 include the ambient indoor noise levels, reverberation times, sound insulation and impact of rain noise on the development.

The POL 05 section of a BREEAM noise survey specifically concerns noise resultantr from the proposed building/s and/or fixed installation. Specifically, the aim is to ‘reduce the likelihood of noise arising from fixed installations on the new development affecting nearby noise-sensitive buildings’. The POL 05 section of a BREEAM noise survey typically follows the methodology with BS 4142.

BREEAM Assessment

Do I need a BREEAM assessment?

This will depend on the BREEAM rating you are aiming for and the availabel credits in relaiton to the proposed usage and type of development. All acoustic related credits will add to the overall rating and coudl be the difference between very good and excellent.

What are the 9 criteria for BREEAM?

BREEAM assesses nine major criteria within a development: Management, Energy, Health & wellbeing, Transport, Water, Materials, Waste, Land use and ecology, and Pollution. Points are scored within each criteria, with the accumulated total determining the final BREEAM rating. HEA05 falls within Health & Wellbeing and POL05 falls within Pollution.

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