Environment Act 2021 Implementation Period
Not long now until the 2-year implementation period for the Environment Act 2021 is up and a 10% Biodiversity Net Gain will be mandatory on the majority of development sites. That said, can we say the implementation period is ending around now? Most...
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The Institution of Civil Engineers Paper Review- Piled Foundations and Pathways for Ground Gas Mitigation
The Institution of Civil Engineers Paper Review – Piled Foundations and Pathways for Ground Gas Mitigation
The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) is renowned for its publications that contribute to the advancement of the civil engineering field.  In this review, we will explore an ICE paper focused on piled foundations and pathways for ground gas mitigation.  This paper sh
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Supporting The Local Community
As part of E3P‘s commitment to supporting the local community groups and projects, we are proud to support a local community group called Allergy & Asthma Parents. Set up by 3 mums from Stockport, who’s children suffer from a variety of food...
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What is a badger survey?
At E3P we care about the environment, and it’s vital that everything we do we follow the correct processes. Most people recognise badgers for their distinct look, but did you know that badgers are protected species in the UK? Protected species have...
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Environmental Acoustics
Here at E3P, we understand environmental acoustics and the importance of environmental noise and vibration and its potential effect upon or resultant from developments. Therefore, we offer a variety of noise vibration assessments to ensure noise and vibration are considered at...
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What is a bat survey?
A bat survey may be required if you are converting, renovating or modifying a building, or removing any trees that have the potential to support roosting bats. A Preliminary Roost Assessment would be undertaken initially to determine if the trees or buildings, and...
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Employer Champion Status
We’re delighted to have our status as an Employer Champion granted by the Society for the Environment for another two years. This is a significant accolade by the UK’s leading professional body for Environmental Sciences. Championing our colleagues is at the...
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e3p and Local Communities
E3P are delighted to be able to help support a local community group called Allergy and Asthma Parents which was created by three mums whose children deal with a combination of asthma, allergies, eczema and other atopic conditions. This community support group operates in...
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