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Supporting The Local Community


As part of E3P‘s commitment to supporting the local community groups and projects, we are proud to support a local community group called Allergy & Asthma Parents. Set up by 3 mums from Stockport, who’s children suffer from a variety of food and environmental allergies, asthma and eczema, this community group was set up to […]


What is a badger survey?


At E3P we care about the environment, and it’s vital that everything we do we follow the correct processes. Most people recognise badgers for their distinct look, but did you know that badgers are protected species in the UK? Protected species have certain restrictions, planners and developers are required to undertake a badger survey before […]


Environmental Acoustics


Here at E3P, we understand environmental acoustics and the importance of environmental noise and vibration and its potential effect upon or resultant from developments. Therefore, we offer a variety of noise vibration assessments to ensure noise and vibration are considered at all stages of the life of the development.. By having noise and vibration monitoring […]