Remediation & Enabling Earthworks, Former Prysmian Cables – Prescot

Client – Prescot Park

Commencement date – December 2013

Completion Date – April 2020.

The former Prysmian Cables factory in Prescot comprised an expansive industrial complex that formed part of the BICC Cables facility from the mid 20th century until its close in the early 21st century.  The facility comprised a large office block, significant cables coating facility in the east and a rod mill used for the manufacture of cables from copper ore in the south.

At the outset of the project, the site was split level with a plateau on the higher elevation some 9m above the lower level.

The challenge was to construct a development platform that would accommodate the new spine road that linked this strategic site with the wider infrastructure while preparing viable development platforms.

E3P designed the enabling earthworks to focus on the extensive contaminated land remediation, stabilisation of historical mine workings and the subsequent movement and engineering of over 1 million tonnes of material to construct the optimal development platform.

Subsequent to the design process, we supervised the delivery of the remediation and enabling earthworks to the design specification that ensured the optimal foundation solution of Ground Improvement by Vibro Stone Columns (VSC) for all new residential structures.

The project faced numerous geotechnical challenges which included extensive plastic wastes, open cast collieries, drilling and grouting of multiple seams of coal, stabilisation of mine shafts and stabilisation of slopes.

The project is now in the later stages of construction with nearly 700 homes being delivered on this strategic site.