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Ecological services For Logistics Warehouse In Ellesmere Port

Commencement date – March 2022

Completion Date – January 2023

We offered a variety of Ecological services to the Ellesmere Port site which was previously a paper mill located next to the Manchester Ship Canal, which had also been used for storing glass cullet from an off-site operator. The proposed development plan involved constructing two large logistics warehouses, with the largest one covering an area of approximately 654,000 ft2. However, the site presented various challenges, including the presence of relict structures, drainage systems, and groundwater abstraction boreholes. In addition, there were accessibility issues due to glass cullet stockpiles, a steep slope, and potential ecological sensitivities.

To address these challenges, E3P was commissioned to review existing site investigation reports, map areas of glass cullet and associated waste materials, conduct a phase of supplemental site investigation, and develop a remediation and enabling works strategy using re-engineered materials. E3P also undertook a detailed settlement analysis and slope stability assessment, developed a comprehensive remediation strategy, provided validation through contractor test data review and weekly site visits, and closed a former groundwater well and several abstraction boreholes.

Furthermore, E3P provided ecological services such as a preliminary ecological appraisal, bat emergence surveys, and great crested newt surveys. During construction, E3P ecologists also monitored Peregrine Falcon activity on a water tower.

E3P’s broad multi-disciplinary approach enabled the timely resolution of potential constraints and the development of cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Retaining materials on-site eliminated the need for significant off-site disposal, and potential pathways were identified and addressed, reducing long-term environmental risks.