Proposed Residential Development – Sandymoor – Runcorn

Proposed Residential Development – Sandymoor – Runcorn

E3P were commissioned by Vistry Partnerships to discharge a series of planning conditions associated with a multi-phase residential development at Sandymoor, Runcorn. E3P produced and undertook the following on site:

  • Updated Great Crested Newt Surveys
  • Great Crested Newt Mitigation and Natural England Licence Application
  • Production of a Landscape and Environmental Management Plan
  • Production of a Biodiversity Enhancement Plan
  • Updated Water Vole Surveys and an associated Method Statement

As a medium population of great crested newts was identified within 250 m of the site boundary, a Natural England Mitigation Licence was applied for, by our in-house ecologists, and was granted by Natural England. A total of 60 days of great crested newt trapping has now been undertaken on site, with all amphibians captured being translocated to a designated receptor site. Wildlife ponds will be created within the site, following the Landscape and Environmental Management Plan, to provide
mitigation for the species.

E3P worked closely with Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service and Natural England to ensure the Residential Development planning conditions were discharged in a timely manner, and the Natural England Licence was obtained.

The production of the above reports and mitigation strategies has allowed the development to commence with no adverse impacts on ecology.