Geoenvironmental Site Assessment Mountheath Industrial Estate

Client- Bellway Homes Manchester

Commencement date – February 2020

Completion Date – May 2022

The client aimed to redevelop a former industrial estate and former bleach and dye works into a low-rise residential development. The site posed several challenges, including the demolition of industrial units containing ACM, the presence of a chlorinated solvent plume, on-site culvert realignment, asbestos impacted soils, Japanese Knotweed, historical reservoirs, and the requirement for significant cut and fill.

E3P was tasked by Bellway Homes Manchester to undertake a detailed Phase I & II Geoenvironmental Site Assessment, develop a comprehensive Remediation Strategy, complete a Detailed Controlled Waters Risk Assessment, and provide Remediation Supervision and Validation. By being involved throughout the entire process, E3P identified potential development risks early on and enabled the client to adjust their program and budget accordingly.

E3P provided comprehensive supervision of both geoenvironmental Site Assessment and geotechnical aspects during remediation works to ensure adherence to the agreed remediation strategy. The company also validated the build phase enabling works for the site after the remediation works were completed.

E3P completed delineation sampling, which identified a specific area requiring remediation works to treat chlorinated solvent compounds. Post-demolition investigation further characterized the site, and site-specific remediation targets were calculated for the protection of the on-site surface water course. Surface water sampling was completed throughout the remediation and enabling works to monitor water quality.

E3P also conducted further sampling of impacted soils stockpiled in the bunded area and re-used the majority of the material within the development. Only a limited amount of material required treatment and was removed from the site. Following remediation works, only plots within a specific area required vapour membranes. E3P also provided a method statement for the decommissioning of the well identified beneath a proposed plot.