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Environmental Acoustics


Here at E3P, we understand environmental acoustics and the importance of environmental noise and vibration and its potential effect upon or resultant from developments. Therefore, we offer a variety of noise vibration assessments to ensure noise and vibration are considered at all stages of the life of the development.. By having noise and vibration monitoring […]


What is a bat survey?


A bat survey may be required if you are converting, renovating or modifying a building, or removing any trees that have the potential to support roosting bats. A Preliminary Roost Assessment would be undertaken initially to determine if the trees or buildings, and sometimes structures, have the potential to support roosting bats. If the tree/ […]


Employer Champion Status


We’re delighted to have our status as an Employer Champion granted by the Society for the Environment for another two years. This is a significant accolade by the UK’s leading professional body for Environmental Sciences. Championing our colleagues is at the core of E3P, this ensures that staff have access to industry-leading CPD opportunities, enabling […]