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Supporting The Local Community Allergy and Asthma


As part of E3P‘s commitment to supporting the local community groups and projects, we are proud to support a local community group called Allergy & Asthma Parents. Set up by 3 mums from Stockport, who’s children suffer from a variety of food and environmental allergies, asthma and eczema, this community group was set up to provide a support network to those families who are dealing with these conditions everyday with their children.

This community group was borne out of a virtual connection between the three ladies as part of the allergy community on instagram during the covid pandemic, leading them to realise they lived within walking distance of each other! This then led to the development of in-person meet ups and it has grown from strength to strength since then.

The community group operates in the Greater Manchester area, hosting a variety of social meet ups including a monthly ‘Stay, Chat and Play’ for all ages, evening ‘Sip and Support’ meets, social meets for any older children and young adults and seasonal parties.

At all meets, there are resources available from Allergy UK, Anaphylaxis UK, National Eczema Society and Asthma and Lung UK along with a plethora of NHS approved print out guides for the broad variety of atopic conditions that may affect these families.

The ‘Stay, Chat and Play’ group provides a safe space for parents to bring their children to play where access to various resources is available. There are safe snacks and drinks for all, alternative milks for the hot drinks, a ‘free-from library’ of books that can be borrowed and the most recent addition, a ‘free from pantry’ where products are available to try and take away for free to assist with the cost of living crisis, when the cost of these already expensive foods and drinks increase exponentially.

Ongoing with the group is a very active Whatsapp chat and Allergy & Asthma Parents work very closely with Healthwatch Stockport, local health visiting teams and NHS GM Integrated Care to ensure the best and most informative support is being provided to the group members.

As part of Allergy Awareness Week (24th-30th April 2023), Allergy & Asthma Parents have recorded a podcast with Kids Planet Nurseries talking all things allergies and asthma and how these conditions can affect families in their day to day life and when choosing a childcare setting. Have a listen here at Episode 22 to hear the girls chat about their experiences

If you would like to hear more about Allergy & Asthma Parents, please feel free to get in touch with Steph Cox at E3P ([email protected]) or the group themselves ([email protected]).

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