Noise and Vibration Survey Central Manchester

Hydrogeological Risk Assessment Tadgedale Quarry

Client – Kellen Homes

Commencement date – June 2022

Completion Date – July 2022

E3P conducted a Noise and Vibration Survey at the former Olympic Freight depot on Bennett Street in Manchester was chosen as the site for a new development. The site is bordered by Bennett Street to the south, a railway viaduct to the west, and railway lines to the north, while existing residential properties are located to the east and southeast. The main sources of noise affecting the proposed development were identified as road traffic sound along the Bennett Street boundary, railway noise from trains on the viaduct, and potential ground-borne vibration caused by passing trains along the western boundary.

E3P was commissioned by Kellen Homes to conduct a detailed attended and unattended noise and vibration survey over several days to obtain an accurate picture of the existing noise and vibration levels across the site. E3P’s role also involved providing 3D noise modelling and advice before finalising the layout, producing a Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment for the planning application, and reviewing planning conditions upon approval.

The development site posed a challenge from a noise modelling perspective due to the dominance of the railway line and its height above the site. As a result, E3P recommended practical mitigation measures and good acoustic design to address the issue. The detailed assessment conducted by E3P will benefit the project in the long run, as the Local Planning Authority has requested post-completion testing, which could be costly if initial assessments were inaccurate and inadequate façade insulation or other mitigation measures are found.