Residential Brownfield Site

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E3P have recently undertaken a detailed investigation for a proposed residential development comprising over 200 dwellings on a complex brownfield site near Walsall. The site is known to be a historical infilled clay pit with the potential for underlying coal workings .

From investigations completed by other engineering consultants previously, E3P knew that there was >10m of Made Ground in some areas, with localised hydrocarbon impact that required delineation. However, the E3P investigation included a detailed coal mining risk assessment which identified coal workings in the south western sector of the site.

Furthermore, the detailed ground gas assessment completed as part of the investigation has identified high levels of methane within localised Made Ground deposits. Therefore, in order to fully the assess the risk and come to an economic solution E3P are working with Ground Gas Solutions to conduct continuous gas monitoring.

Based on the findings of the investigations, E3P have produced a detailed Remediation Strategy and a Coal Mining Grouting Specification in order to ensure the site is both geo-environmentally and geo-technically suitable for the proposed residential development.