Professional Development Programme

Professional Development Programme


E3P as a multi-disciplinary consultancy, has always placed the training of individuals within the organisation at the forefront of importance due to the wealth of benefits it brings to both the individual and the company including improved employee performance and satisfaction, consistency, increased productivity in addition to opening up opportunities for innovation within the organisation.

Throughout the course of this year, E3P has been working on developing a new Professional Development Programme (PDP) which encompasses all disciplines within the organisation. This PDP structure seeks to create a baseline programme for each technical discipline which an individual will be working towards from their first day of commencing their career with E3P. A separate programme has been created for the Geoenvironmental, Ecology, Acoustics and Air Quality divisions in addition to the administration and support team, providing individuals with a guide as to what they will be working towards in the various stages in their career, allowing goals to be set and motivation to learn and develop to remain high. The programme forms the minimum requirements with individuals being provided with the flexibility to make their career their own, exploring different pathways, dependent on their interests, strengths and weaknesses.

The PDP will also change the way the standard appraisals are undertaken as we find these can often be too generic and do not actually hone into an individual’s training requirements. E3P has created a programme structure which individuals will be audited on yearly, specifically identifying any individuals training requirements or any areas where an individual wishes to explore further and learn. We believe that this is the secret to motivated and focused staff members, as their career path is in their hands for them to make it their own, with their mentors to provide guidance where needed.

Further to the programmes developed for the technical disciplines, a separate programme has been developed to highlight different competencies that an individual in a management position would be required to meet, which again will be used across all disciplines in E3P. These management competencies have been created to include the management of yourself, projects, people, programmes and leading organisations, to ensure that when an individual has been promoted to a position in management, whatever their technical discipline, they develop into a well-rounded manager who will develop into a conscientious leader.