E3P’s Online Training Portal


Over the course of the last few months, fuelled by remote working due to Covid-19, E3P has been working hard on pulling together an online training portal hosted on Moodle Cloud. We have always put staff training at the forefront of our list of priorities, running copious internal seminars on various subjects and investing hugely in sending staff on external training courses. With the restrictions in relation to staff interaction over the course of the last year, internal (and external) training courses took a hit and at E3P we were very conscious that we didn’t want to allow our excellent training programme to slide as a result, both for existing and newly recruited staff. For this reason, we set up our online training portal which is fully accessible to all on their computer, tablet or mobile.

The online training portal, whilst still in its infancy, hosts all the relevant training programme information for each stage of E3P staff career for all technical departments along with relevant policies and a full guide on the Professional Development Programme (PDP) that E3P runs.

In addition to this core information, E3P are constantly working on technical training courses hosted on the online portal with the current available courses for the geo-environmental division being an Introduction to Site Investigation, Soil and Groundwater Risk Assessment, information on the new Land Contamination: Risk Management guidance and work in progress for Hydrogeological Risk Assessment. Each training course is split into various learning modules, covering different topics under the main subject heading, along with an assessment at the end of the course. These training courses are intended to be worked on over the course of 1-2 months, enabling the individual to work at their own pace and aid their learning, supplementing the extensive on-site training that all staff receive upon their start at E3P.

The training portal will be worked on continuously to add further training courses addressing a variety of subjects and ensure a wide range of training resources are available at all times to E3P staff.

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