Good Acoustics Design

Acoustics Design


E3P prides itself on giving clear, concise and vital advice at any stage of a project. The acoustics team is no different and regularly provide advice on noise and vibration issues and often advise on good acoustic design for residential and commercial projects. Good acoustic design was brought to the forefront of decision making following the adoption of Professional Practice Guidance (ProPG): Planning & Noise in 2017.

Here at E3P we are firm advocates of employing the advice, given in the guidance, at an early stage of the project. Good acoustic design does not merely mean the inclusion of acoustic barriers or fa├žade design, it builds on this and adds a step before these measures are required or negates the need for them altogether. ProPG provides an holistic approach at the design stage so that any noise issues can be dealt with by way of design which can incorporate additional features to further enhance the future soundscape of the development and provide a comfortable and attractive place to live with acoustics considered integral to the living environment.

These design features can include, but not limited to, orientating gardens away from the sound source, siting habitable rooms on the quieter side of dwellings, having site roads lie between the receptors and the sound sources. It is really important that these features, wherever possible, are included in the design to help offset the need for more traditional mitigation measures.

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