Geo-Environmental Site Assessment – Greater Manchester

Background: E3P

E3P undertook a detailed Phase I desk study and Phase II Geo-Environmental Site Investigation of a proposed residential development site located in east Manchester.


The site was historically associated with a coal mine spoil tip and environmental information suggested that the site was adjacent to two former registered waste sites. These uses were likely to pose particular geotechnical and environmental issues and E3P scoped out a comprehensive geo-environmental site investigation comprising boreholes, trial pits, in-situ and laboratory geotechnical and environmental analysis and the installation of monitoring wells and in-situ continuous ground gas analytical devices.


Through the geotechnical assessment, E3P was able to establish that the site could be founded on a mix of foundation types with plot specific plans enabling the client to see accurately where potential abnormal foundation costs may be located. Additionally, through the utilisation of in-situ continuous gas monitoring, E3P were able to demonstrate that basic ground gas protection measures were appropriate within a significantly reduced timescale and to the full satisfaction of the Local Authority.